from CEO Markie Bryant

Friends of Ivy,

I want to pick up where I left off with my last correspondence by reiterating that as a team, and community, I believe we are on the cusp of important and substantial breakthroughs.

Our business goals revolve around our ability to understand financial markets and the needs and desires of our customers, which in turn, helps drive tangible value and demonstrable utility via our product.

We see Ivy being able to achieve its goals by creating a core business that:

• Understands its customers and the market
• Intuitively develops technology that provides solutions for our customers’…

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Friends of Ivy,

I’m excited to be at the helm of Ivy.

Stepping into my new role as CEO and owner, I look forward with sincere optimism at a company with great promise. That promise, which I’ve witnessed over the last six months as Ivy’s COO, became so intriguing that I wanted to get even more deeply involved in the project, — and when the opportunity arose to take on an ownership role, using Badza capital, I made…

As we settle into the new year at Ivy, we have some big news to share.

We are excited to announce that, as of January 7, 2019, Ivy has been acquired by Badza LLC. This executive buyout is being spearheaded by Ivy’s current COO, Markie Bryant.

Badza, LLC. is a US holding company focused on managing innovative technology investments, and brings to Ivy added leadership, technical resources, and capabilities in the fields of engineering, economics, finance, and more.

Working alongside Ivy’s current leadership team, Markie will move into the CEO position with a primary focus on ensuring that Ivy’s technology platform buildout remains vigilant in its fulfillment of the core vision of the Ivy Project. …

Some tech updates to round the year out…

Over the last few months we concurrently began an ongoing exploratory project in hopes of ensuring that the product offerings under development are, and continue to be, on the right path. As part of this discovery we enlisted the assistance of a team of industry experts and technologists, and are excited to begin to share some of the findings of the analysis that has been done to date — and what that means for our build out.

As we are sure everyone is humbly aware, since publishing our original whitepaper, blockchain and cryptocurrency landscapes have evolved significantly, and it remains…

The Ivy Network Regulatory Whitepaper, zero fees for ivyPay & more…

…We also want to wish everyone a safe & happy holidays!

The Regulatory Whitepaper is here

As part of our commitment to educating banks on the risks & opportunities for both blockchain & cryptocurrency adoption, we are pleased to release the first version of our whitepaper on the regulatory landscape. The whitepaper is a crucial sales tool for us as we continue conversations with Financial Institutions in the US and abroad.

The whitepaper serves to highlight to our potential partners the challenges in the current regulatory environment, specifically, the US market. Financial Institutions rely…

Thank you for your questions over the last month. Moving forward, we will be publishing a “Your Questions Answered” post on a monthly basis. To have your question put in front of the team, you can submit them via this form:

We will not be publishing a list of all questions asked. However, will seek to answer as many questions as the company deems valuable to our community and in the interest of our commitment to transparency and flow of information to our token holders.

Ivy Network-related Questions:

Q: How are the partnerships hinted at around the private sale time progressing?

Ivy will disclose all partnerships as soon as they are formalized. Most recently Ivy…

Some updates from the Ivy team

Knowledge Base

In an effort to centralize key information about the Ivy Project, we have released the Ivy Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is a tool to help answer questions around the Ivy Project, Product and team and will be updated on a regular basis.

Rescope Update

We are still in the process of the rescope exercise with our development team and will be providing an update on our blog before the year is out. We will be delaying our Tech AMA until the new year to allow us to properly complete and document the rescope and share next steps.

The team discusses ivyPay and the bank partnership with Goldfields Money


James C.: Good morning or good afternoon, to everyone tuning in for Ivy’s AMA. I’m [00:00:30] James Caskey, looking after marketing at Ivy, and I’m joined by Fred Schebesta from Finder and HiveEx, and Ash Shilkin, president of Ivy. So, good morning and good afternoon to both of you.

Ash S.: How you doing?

Fred S.: How’s everyone going out there?

James C.: So Fred, maybe we’ll start with you. What have you been up to? What’s going on in the world of HiveEx and Finder right now?

Fred S.: [00:01:00] We’ve been really focused on this part that…

Australian Digital Bank, Goldfields Money Limited, Partners with Fintech Disruptor Ivy Koin LLC to Legitimize Digital Currency Transactions

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Goldfields Money Ltd (Goldfields Money ASX:GMY). Goldfields Money and Ivy will work together to commercialize the use of blockchain technology in banking to validate and legitimize digital currency to fiat transactions within the traditional banking framework.

Goldfields Money Ltd, Australia’s new, revolutionary digital bank, has recently revamped its digital banking platform catering to the needs of technology-savvy consumers. Ivy’s technology leverages blockchain and utility tokens to deliver an innovative solution for validation. …

Due to Thanksgiving holidays here in the US, just a quick update from the Ivy team for your weekend reading. Happy Holidays!

ivyPay launches:

After several weeks of testing in beta, at the start of this week, we officially took ivyPay out of beta and kicked off our marketing campaign to spread the word and help Australians turn their crypto into cash or pay their bills.

We kickstarted the launch with a heavy PR push both in Australia and internationally. We saw a tremendous pick up with over 100 articles in major publications around the world. (We have a selection of media…

Ivy Project

#Ivy & #Ivykoin is a blockchain-based financial compliance product facilitating secure, transparent business payments.

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