Bi-Weekly Update — December

The Ivy Network Regulatory Whitepaper, zero fees for ivyPay & more…

…We also want to wish everyone a safe & happy holidays!

The Regulatory Whitepaper is here

As part of our commitment to educating banks on the risks & opportunities for both blockchain & cryptocurrency adoption, we are pleased to release the first version of our whitepaper on the regulatory landscape. The whitepaper is a crucial sales tool for us as we continue conversations with Financial Institutions in the US and abroad.

The whitepaper serves to highlight to our potential partners the challenges in the current regulatory environment, specifically, the US market. Financial Institutions rely heavily on efficient user data collection and analysis for their compliance needs, and the Ivy Project is well positioned to provide the necessary mechanisms for streamlining that process and addressing the regulatory requirements through its blockchain based KYT procedures by allowing Financial Institutions to pull and analyze the pieces of data that are required for audits, risk analysis, and suspicious activity reporting.

By incorporating more transaction specific data into value transfers, we can provide additional information that emphasizes the source and reason for the transfer, ensuring that financial institutions have all the necessary data to accurately assess the incoming funds. Meeting these needs we potentially open a huge new revenue stream for banks.


Turn your cash into crypto… Zero fees!

For a limited time, we have introduced zero fees for transactions on ivyPay to help drive adoption and introduce people to our service. Take advantage of no fees while you can and pay a bill or turn your crypto into cash today!

Congratulations to our ivyPay token Sweepstakes winners.

Congratulations to our winners of the Ivy token sweepstakes to celebrate the launch of ivyPay in Australia. The following people will be contacted via email in the next 7 days to organize transferring their IVY tokens:

5000 IVY:

Erik S. Shane M. Rafael R. Israel M. Elena S.

2500 IVY:

Olayinka A. Melvin L. Christopher S. Joshua B. Ian R. Brent R. Stephen C. Philip C. Scott A. Ryan L.

1000 IVY:

Andrew M. Petr V. Steve W. Jason S. John M. Joseph P. Andrea B. Andrew M. George C. Noverick B. Melvin M. Joshua G. Peter N. Alexandros C. Robert N. Riley K. Chris E. Ryan D. Charlotte H. George C. Amber S. Dustin A. Donald P. Suhail T. Elijah G

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Also in the News…

ivyPay was recently mentioned in a profile of Ivy Advisor Fred Schebesta in the ‘Blockchain Australia‘ magazine that was inserted in the Australian Financial Review — Australia’s premier financial newspaper.