Ivy Project February Update

from CEO Markie Bryant

Friends of Ivy,

I want to pick up where I left off with my last correspondence by reiterating that as a team, and community, I believe we are on the cusp of important and substantial breakthroughs.

Our business goals revolve around our ability to understand financial markets and the needs and desires of our customers, which in turn, helps drive tangible value and demonstrable utility via our product.

We see Ivy being able to achieve its goals by creating a core business that:

• Understands its customers and the market 
• Intuitively develops technology that provides solutions for our customers’ problems 
• Offers these solutions via high-quality and scalable products 
• Generates healthy revenue while operating efficiently and responsibly

My initial goals, taking charge of Ivy, have been focused around implementing new processes, bringing in new talent, and evaluating how we execute on our business strategy going forward. Since my last update, a great deal of attention has been placed on these efforts. Working alongside an evolving Ivy team, an important item of focus was addressing how to keep our token holders updated on key information using methods that are legally compliant from a regulatory, business, and utility token perspective.

Thus, in the spirit of creating a sustainable business that drives value for our token holders, we want to take our communications to the next level in efficiency and responsibility.

Communications Moving Forward:

In order to do so we must move away from some of the online communication techniques that have become commonplace among crypto companies. Information will be minimized across anonymous and/or public channels, such as social media broadcasts and Telegram chats.

Instead, we will leverage techniques that focus on knowing exactly who we are speaking to (KYC), while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and a high regard for professional etiquette. These improvements and updates to our communications approach serve to protect Ivy as a business and all of our community members as individuals and token holders.

As part of this strategy, we will be releasing a website refresh to follow updates to our communications approach. Certain information will be removed from public view and placed in token holder-only areas, and the site itself will become an evolving mechanism for providing general information and updates on Ivy’s mission, products, and progress.

Going forward, we will require that interested token holders perform an opt-in for Ivy’s updates. Part of opting in will include reading, understanding, and agreeing to specific guidelines and at times, restrictions, around the information that is provided and how that information can be shared, used, or communicated further. As we seek to be a company that operates clearly within regulatory parameters and works with highly regulated industry partners in banking, finance, and capital markets, these are necessary steps as we grow Ivy to the next stage.

Please keep in mind that the goal of token holder updates is to provide concrete information and specific details around product development and business strategy supporting the growth of real value for the token and the network. These updates will come in the form of written communications, technical documentation, and demonstrations of products before such details may be released to the general public.

I am sure you can understand the importance of taking such steps given the potential substance of said updates, and I hope that all of our token holders will “opt in” to this new communication channel that allows us to engage more proactively and directly to move our company forward successfully.

Technology Roadmap

Another key area of focus is our technology roadmap. I’m very excited about where Ivy is going, and I want to ensure we get there in the most efficient way possible. To that regard, we’ve begun establishing entirely new workstreams across an expanded global technology group — including the addition of new teams in India and the US. This is positive news for Ivy and our product line, and brings a new level of technical capacity for the mission ahead of us.

As part of onboarding our new technology teams, we’ve begun to define an updated technology roadmap that is guided not only by the original goals of the ivyNetwork, but a path that offers flexibility as insights reveal additional opportunities for the creation of token holder value. We’re staging components of this technology for demonstration purposes and will be sharing those with token holders in the weeks to come.

Other efforts include the recruitment of critical financial sector talent, to which we’ve begun to hone in on some exceptional individuals from the capital markets sector.

Become a Verified Subscriber:

In order to opt in for direct communication updates regarding Ivy, please go to https://www.ivyproject.com/verified and follow the instructions to provide your email address and other information for receipt of direct communications. Ivy will provide direct communications to you at this email address, and your provision of this information represents your consent to Ivy’s collection and use of your information to evaluate and provide direct communications to you.

Please note, if you are an existing email subscriber, you will still have to re-subscribe in order to receive future Ivy communications.

By providing your information through the above link, you represent and warrant that you are an ivyKoin token holder. If you are not an ivyKoin token holder, you may not opt-in to receiving direct communications intended for token holders.

With great excitement,
Markie Bryant 
CEO & Owner, Ivy Project