Ivy Project Updates (August 18th)

Our bi-weekly update on happenings at Ivy

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Tech Update

The Ivy product team continues its strong pace of development of the MVP. The architecture for the system is now complete and it includes a significantly expanded platform. Not only does it do crypto payments per the vendor case illustrated in the white paper, but also a range of other uses, including asset purchases, peer-to-peer payments, services payments and more.

In addition, the Ivy platform will now accept as many as 10 cryptocurrencies to exchange for IVY, going well beyond the BTC and ETH acceptance that was initially envisioned for the MVP. Be on the lookout for more frequent announcements on the tech development and a detailed breakout of development milestones in the coming week from Mike, Bob and the team.

More Ivy AMA’s!

Each month we bring key members of the Ivy team to talk through the latest updates on the project. In early September we will be doing a tech focused Q&A / AMA session with Mike Beck & Bob Murray we encourage the community to tune in live to ask any questions you may have or submit a question via this form. You can watch last month’s Q&A around IvyPay here.

Driving Awareness

We continue a myriad of campaigns to grow our audience and drive awareness. As a result:

  • Traffic to Ivykoin.com is up 140% month on month. (88% of traffic is new traffic)
  • Email subscribers are up 15% month on month.
  • Social engagement is up 22% across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Despite the current state of the market, it is critical we continue to drive awareness to the Ivy Project & appreciate the communities support in spreading the word.

Ivy in the News

Ivy Advisor Fred Schebesta was recently on Alan Kohler’s Constant Investor podcast where he spoke about the future of Cryptocurrency and IvyPay. You can listen to the webcast and read the transcript here.

New Team Members

We recently welcomed Tristin Esfandiari, Tristin joined the team as Ivy’s Marketing Specialist, with the goal of increasing brand awareness. Having worked for several large marketing and influencer agencies across many different industries, he brings to the table his innate ability to form relationships with influencers, a keen eye for aesthetics and graphic design, and brings an innovative new approach to blockchain marketing. Tristin first started exploring blockchain and cryptocurrencies when he invested in bitcoin back in 2010. Having recently worked with a blockchain startup, he helped mold their brand and facilitate a successful ICO launch.

Where to buy IVY? 
We are currently listed on 4 exchanges, visit our website here for more details.

Until Next Time…

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