ivyPay is officially live!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of ivyPay. After several weeks of testing in beta, today we kicked off our campaign to spread the word and help Australians turn their crypto into cash or pay their bills.

What is IvyPay?

ivyPay helps bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream by streamlining the spending process and offering more secure transactions. Its unique fee structure operates by charging a nominal rate on the currency spread and a 2 percent fee; however, this 2 percent fee is halved to 1 percent if users choose to pay with IVY. Since launching IvyPay in beta, 30 percent of users have taken up the cheaper fee option and paid their fees with IvyKoin.

To celebrate, we are running an Ivy token sweepstakes for consumers to get acquainted with the Ivy project and to save on their fees when using ivyPay.