New Year, New Ownership -An Update From Ivy’s New CEO

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Friends of Ivy,

I’m excited to be at the helm of Ivy.

Stepping into my new role as CEO and owner, I look forward with sincere optimism at a company with great promise. That promise, which I’ve witnessed over the last six months as Ivy’s COO, became so intriguing that I wanted to get even more deeply involved in the project, — and when the opportunity arose to take on an ownership role, using Badza capital, I made the decision to acquire Ivy. I’ve spent my career helping build and working alongside great teams.

I’ve pursued business endeavors with increasingly higher stakes; I’m drawn to big visions. My leadership principles elevate actions over words, and execution over ideas. At every juncture, I will strive to be a leader who operates according to these principles in bringing our collective vision to success. Ivy has presented me with an opportunity that fits with this vision: the opportunity to work with a strong team on a project with significant aspirations, one where success will be defined by the work we do and the innovation we bring forward to banking and finance, not how well we talk about it.

As a team and as a community, we stand on the cusp of great achievement.

To get there, though, we have to do the work; we must execute successfully. As we disclosed in our year-end technology update, we’re off to a solid start. We’ve worked hard to lay out a technical strategy that is sound, yet flexible. We’re bringing in the proper team, from my network and the wider industry, to help us build products that will bring the most value as a utility while evolving our vision to commandeer strategic opportunities along the way.

This is not a short game. Our industry is quickly maturing. The long-term value must be the priority that drives of each line of code, each partner we bring within our network, and each and every decision we make as a business. Some of these decisions will be made behind closed doors with our executive team in the best interest of executing upon our objectives, while others will be made more vocally when this serves the company’s needs. The market has informed us that success in this sector is no longer about who can shout the loudest, but will be won by those who can truly execute. We’re positioned to do just that. Ivy remains in a strong financial position with a path to product revenues through our technology roadmap, and have achieved cost savings and operational efficiencies by bringing some functions in house.

While I’ve told you a bit about my leadership perspective and principles, I’d also like to share a bit about myself. I love to surf. I’m passionate about fintech and social impact. I’m from Melbourne, Australia but have been in Los Angeles for the last 3 years. I do my best work with small teams of focused experts attacking problems one at a time, while being ready for the unknowns that always present themselves along the way. I see myself as a team player who prefers the spotlight shone on our ability to execute over any specific individual. I tend to be a fairly private person, but be assured that I’m working hard on behalf of this company even when I may seem quiet.

In order to minimize any potential distraction or confusion we will start to put in practice a number of communications processes that will both provide better clarity around meeting our key objectives and product milestones while allowing the team at Ivy to focus on launching our products into market in an effective and efficient manner.

Going forward we will be formalizing a cadence of updates that reflect where Ivy is in regards to its public product roadmap. This will be most likely be in the form of newsletters sent directly to interested parties. We will be implementing a communications strategy that will allow us to have closer relationships with token holders, current and future, as well as a method for ensuring that we are continually getting to know our customers and our community stakeholders better. We’ll also be moving away from anonymous broadcasts and chats, and focus our efforts on more meaningful connections.

So, what happens next? Ivy will publish a public roadmap. We’ll use this to allow the community and interested parties to learn more about what Ivy is doing and what value is being brought to token holders. In parallel, We will implement communications practices that ensure that our key token holders have a strong and meaningful relationship with Ivy management and our business. We will celebrate successful executions over everything else, and we will build up an incredible team to ensure these celebrations occur more and more.

We will do what we can to minimize speculation and gossip, while operating well within the laws and regulatory guidelines of relevant governments and agencies. Running a company in the highly regulated banking and finance industry is a different endeavor than simply managing (or speculating upon) a cryptocurrency, and we want to differentiate ourselves in this industry not only by our ability to execute on our technological objectives, but also by our strong commitment to professionalism and compliance, as these same principles underpin the efforts in AML/KYC that are so unique to Ivy.

This is my promise to you as Ivy’s leader. I will strive not to let you down, and I will try my best to be humble and open-minded as we build something amazing together.

Markie Bryant
CEO & Owner, Ivy Project

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