Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

This author merely ignored the fact that DNC & HRC rigged the primary even in court the party stated that they had the right to choose their candidate. Please note the word “Choose” but our vote. The Russia did not help Trump won into the WH. It is the Clintons who persuaded Trump to run the President and the DNC thought they would 100% won with the big name of Hillary Clinton. Even the NYT & WP reported about it. We don’t care about Russia but we do care about the corruption of both parties, your article is full of bias and prejudice. How did HRC ran her campaign? I am a woman, I am not Trump,I broke the glass ceiling and I am Bill Clinton’s wife, so woman as to vote for me. She broke the campaign record by spending 2 billions but with a surprising loss, with the medias lies and and the celebrities’ fund raising-$40k per plate in G Colony’s mansion. Asides from her new book which still keeps on pointing the fingers to all side except herself. I am not sure you are a real journalist or not, if so shame on you to write a bias article like it. Here is the DNC admitted in court the stole the primary, so what? This is the attitude they gave to us the voters-our votes didn’t court because we didn’t vote for HRC! observer.com/…/court-admits-dnc-and-debbie-wasserman-schulz-rigged-primaries-ag…

Aug 26, 2017 — The lawsuit was filed to push the DNC to admit their wrongdoing and provide Bernie Sanders supporters, who supported him financially with …

That is one of the reason we don’t care! By the way, the DNC & the Clintons have taken Russia’s bribe for years, do your research if you are a real journalist.

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