Prompt #5
Janice Pang

  1. What is it? My dream design project is to design a web interface for Head Mounted Displays.
  2. Why do you want to do it? I want to be able to watch movies and browse the web on a different platform.
  3. Who are the ‘direct clients’ of your design? The direct clients of the design are the people who will be using the Rift and other similar VR platforms.
  4. What information would you need to know about your clients to inform your design? I would need to know their motivations for using VR and what they expect from browsing the web on VR platforms.
  5. How can you involve your clients? I can involve my clients by inviting them to try out the interactive interface and ask them what they think about the user experience.
  6. What are potential blockers (both internal and external) that would prevent you from completing your project? Potential blockers include not being able to work for VR companies in the first place.
  7. How would you test this design? I would test this design by allowing users to have a demo of it before its release.
  8. Would you be able to re-test it? I would be able to test it again and again until it is satisfactory because it is possible to do multiple prototyping for this design project.

Now that you’ve answered all of the questions above, you’re ready to answer the final one:

  1. How would you actually go about doing your project?
    1. Land a job at Facebook, Sony, Google, etc.
    2. Assemble a team of interaction designers, programmers, and hardware engineers.
    3. ideate, prototype, build, test, demo for public, ideate, prototype, build, test, pre-release, official release.
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