The Dangers of Dreaming
Caleb Epley

In my 20s, I was definitely the kind of person you describe. “She’s the person who always wants a better job, cooler friends, bigger boobs and a different city. Her entire self-concept is geared to reject the environment by which it’s shaped. Thus, she never really accepts herself, and consequently, has low self-esteem.”

Actually, I would like to depict such kind of conscious state as “pokemon state.” One just try to grab everything which can seem to add his or her life scores. When playing games, we don’t think of being content and we need the more the better. It’s just like one who chases everything in his or life,and never has an end.

Now, I’m 32 years old. I feel peaceful and happier then when I’m in 20s. I gradually take off that torturing mask and try my best to lead a simpler and truthful life.

“ Identity is a tricky concept,” Yes! And, if one hasn’t recognized it,don’t worry, your life would teach you this eventually!

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