These tests are to be completed before Monday, 10th October 2016 at exactly 4:30 pm. Three tasks are given for us to complete. I easily finish the first two tasks, with the help of my team members, and I think the third is going to be even easier. I open the third task and thought to myself I could do this, But when I actually got down to writing the code, everything changes, I was now concerned if I would be able to beat the deadline and even teared a little at the thought. As the day progressed and after guidance and discussions with my colleagues, I write a code, after learning so much including hard coding!.The code however was still not 100%correct according to the tests. I thought this was my end as I has only one hour left. My team facilitator comes to the rescue after realizing a problem with the tests, I felt whole load of burden lifted from my shoulders. I finish the rest of my assignment in peace. It has been a long day, but i am eagerly awaiting day two.

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