Day two, had it’s perks and it’s downs , but day three had it’s own set of absolutely new experiences. I finished the first task early enough in the morning and I thought today was going to be a smooth day, and maybe I would finish all my tasks before the deadline this time. I was determined to complete on time today. Sadly, I had not been able to complete all tasks before the deadline in the previous days, and this does not make me the happiest of persons.

One particular task, the binary search , proved to be the most stubborn and it really fatigued me, my colleagues too would say the same. Aside from that, however, I learnt how to create a very simple log in page using html and CSS and it at least put a smile to my face.

The three day tasks have been the most involving and tiresome tasks but have also been a platform for great minds to interact, share and most importantly grow.Looking forward to what Andela has in store.