What you learn in your 20s
Jessica Semaan

20 great tips for the 20s.

I was shocked by the second one, said:

Don’t work at a start-up, unless it’s your own. Working at hot startups means slaving away for free food, and equity you cannot afford. Start your own company or work at Google and do a passion project after 5 PM.

I made a bad choice in 2014. At that time, I was unemployed and a friend of mine met a senior who was starting her company in metro. My friend was worried about me and asked our senior if her company has job vacancy.

Soon after May 1st, I joined the company and undergoing unpleasant 8months in a start-up company, low salary, easy work-time, not part of them, just writing writing writing but hard to improving.

Surely when I retrospect and analyst those days, I find the words that Zeng Mama told me: they(3–4 women) own the company, share in shares and profits.

Here thanks for your summaries and reminded me do not choose the old trace again, thanks again.

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