Everything will be OKAY?

There was a famous interview about couples, a reporter asked the couples, “How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?

The women replied, “We were born in a time when if something was broken we would fix it.”

I remember that, in a long period, these words were translated to kinds of languages and spread around. Sure, they had been forgotten for a long period, too.

These days, a friend of mine was in his extreme fear and desperation. But till now, he did not take any actions. He just kept his work every day and went home every night, bringing all the negativity fear and anxiety around with him.

Further more, he tried his best to exaggerate his fear throught thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking of that he was not irreplaceable on job, his job was not the one he dreams of. Easily, he got the inner and deep reason that his ability was not match his ambition.

Since that were so many friends go through that experiment, including me. So when I heard his story, I was not stunned a littlt bit, but still I did not know what to say again. In my opinion, everyone has ups and downs, and as an adult, we should have the ability to cure oneself, but not treat oneself as a patient who just take actions to looking for a doctor.

As you known, there is no doctor could give you a prescription and cure you totally and forever. It’s a cruel truth, even voilent.

Again, I recall the words that the old woman replied in the interview: FIX IT.

To be honest, I have no ways or tips for him, but I re-think about what I did when I was downs, and I learn more how and what I should do when I am in my lows in coming days.

At least, I keep in my mind that: Everything won’t be OKAY unless you take action.

Inner Voice(2)