Why Do I Even Bother to Manage My Facebook Feeds ?

What started as a research for the different trending tools such as GoogleTrend etc leads to the discovery of the new Facebook’s News Feed. Yeah,I noticed the change weeks ago but hardly paid any attention to it. Did anyone ?

So it seemed, Trending topics are based on a number of factors which include Pages you have liked.

Facebook Trending — extracted from Facebook Help Centre

Naturally, the next step was to check what had been set. Well, this will drive anyone with OCD up the wall. To be specific, there are 26 categories to manage, though only four was set by default to appear on the Home Screen.

No surprise that I selected all the categories to appear under My Feeds. This is definitely set up for “Success” !

Here comes the really fun part! You get to manage the topics of interest under each category. With no “Select “All” option, you have to add/remove the respective topics.

Fast forward, (after 2 hours), I am happy with my selection. To be honest, would anyone bother to periodically review their selection? While it seems a good idea to give user a good control of their feeds, is this really effective ? Let’s see if there are any significant changes to my feeds and trending topics .