deadline, dilemma, and one-way ticket…

78 more days and you’ll get married. Not a really short time anyway..

But if you have such a dream like conquer the Mars, it seems very very very tiny little time. Hmm..

(Now, imagine the industry, where you worked at, are ruined by the biggest nation that blow out an unstoppable hidden treasure suddenly and unexpectedly)

The options available are : stay and work for nothing, aggressively search a new job for a quite better life, or follow your nearly unimaginable passion and even conquer the Jupiter!

Such a simple dilemma maybe. (but just try to presume that you are confused, hardly)

Option 3 was the sweetest direction and the most dangerous at a time. But you only have one single ticket and have no chance to turn it back (unless you could found a time-machine). All these days you think, calculate, and progressing the least risky option 1 and 2. You just need a marvelous bravery. and perfect timing. And belief.

You only live once. Do your maximum (im)possible effort. Brace your-goddem-self. And start to change yourself, for the world.

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