#1 You are breathing the universe.

When would you say you’re alive? I would say when someone’s breathing. IF it isn’t breathing, the body will shut down because of a lack of oxygen.

Alright now when you try to hold your breath as long as you can, there’s comes a point where you just have to breath. There is a force in you that makes you wanna breath bad enough, that it doesn’t let you hold your breath to death. That force. It’s what we call life. That same force created all that we know.

#1 I am breathing the universe.

When in your day to day life you are struggling you’re body state changes and you start to breath shallow. Your mind starts racing and you totally forget to breath properly. For me it is a very calming thought that when I watch myself breathing, I am actually watching the life force that is from and goes back to the universe.

Think about how before everything you consider yourself. You are an living organism on this plant in this gigantic universe. And how little in comparison some of the things matter that you worry about. That shit is wicked cool and awesome.

You can recognise yourself as this tiny part in the perfectly working and wondrous machine which is, the universe. You can pay attention to only your breath. And adapt to the pace your body is trying to breath. Take a few deep breaths. And see how it feels to relax in to the tempo of the universe’s life force. I think you will notice that the tempo of your relaxed self is way slower that daily societal life. Try to come to this place again next time you rush in our daily life and forget to breath.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Realise you’re breathing in the universe. Relax in the tempo. And stay in that place where it feels as if time is standing still.