Here we go!!!

I’ve been on an adventure for quite some time now. I would put it at almost 2 years. Actually a little over two years.

I had an experience in September of 2014 that just lead me to believe that I was not doing the right thing in life. I did not feel fulfilled, I did not feel complete. I struggled with this for the past 26 months, deciding, changing my mind, going back, trying again, giving up, and trying something else.

Nothing really worked out… really nothing moved me enough to feel strongly about sticking to it.

I’ve found that change though.

I’ve always been interested in technology, in fact, I love technology. Everything about it has always been interesting to me. I’m fascinated by it, I love when new things come out. I love playing with new things and seeing how they work, what has been done to make it better and how different companies move their stuff forward.

For some reason over the span of time that I was trying to find my “next phase in life” I just did not think I could do anything with tech. I don’t have any skills.. I’m not a coder, definitely not an engineer. I had no where to go.

This is where things get interesting, and exciting.

Fortunately, my amazing wife is super supportive and has stuck with me through this dance of what the heck am I going to do with my life. I’ve landed on something that I could not be more thrilled about.

So, in the mean time I am going to be driving Uber to make money. It’s not a ton of money in my area, but really anything is going to help us right now. If I can start making some cash that will be great.

On top of that, I am going to take my love of tech and start to sell it online. Buying people’s used stuff and reselling it. This is going to be awesome for so many reasons. First… like I said before.. I love technology! Getting to spend time with it every day is just going to be a blast. Getting to look around and get stuff in, play around with it and sell it back off will be phenomenal.

I am also very in to this idea because I get to do my own thing still. I have been in charge of my own income for the past four years. I have really enjoyed that and want to do whatever I can to continue that. The wave of the future, I feel, is micro entrepreneurship. People making a reasonable living wage of off their own endeavors and not relying on full time work at major corporations or dead end jobs. Finding something that you love and building a reasonable side career or something to that effect will make this world a much happier and productive place.

I love searching for deals, I love haggling. Doing that on a daily basis just sounds like a good time.

Tracking all of this and watching the business grow.. continuing to learn and understand how it works will be the centerpiece to all of this. I don’t have a lot of experience in retail or product sales. I know what some key metrics are that I will be following… but that is about it. I look forward to setting some goals and watching it grow over time.

This is going to be a great exercise in patience. It’s my goal to turn this in to a full time venture and career. I don’t really know what that looks like or how I control the money. At the end of the day, business is a numbers game. These are all numbers that I am extremely interested in.

Most of all, I look forward to sharing the story in some way. I always want to create content — and have never found what moved me to continue to create said content. I think that I’m on to something here.


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