Just Do You

Yesterday I sat down to write an article about how I am just a guy that happens to sell real estate… not a realtor who is also a person. I thought it would be fun and interesting to tell the story about how I got to where I am in the world of real estate sales and how I see the future for myself in that arena.

It’s really just been an adventure of trying to find my way in the industry. I think the work that I have done as a realtor is very valuable. I haven’t done the best job every time, but I think I have put a lot of smiles on faces… which at the end of the day makes me happy.

I have been watching and reading a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content for the past month or so. He has this amazing series that he calls the DailyVee, which is his work day and all the meetings/travel/business that he does. He usually drops some pretty huge value bombs and knowledge along the way as well. Not to mention that DRock does some amazing things in the editing process it truly is a blend of education and art.

One of his most recent editions, #014, ends very poignantly simply saying “Do You.”

This really stuck out to me… why? Because I see all of the great things that Gary is doing and I see that it is possible. I see what can be created when you put in the hustle and you grind it out like he does putting in 14–16 hour days every-single-solitary day of the week. It’s powerful, and really motivating.

After I saw that though, and really think about putting in that effort, getting in to that day in and day out. I reflect on it and know that that really just isn’t me. Working those hours, knocking out the sales.. that doesn’t not excite me at all.

So what does excite me? That is a question that I have been exploring for a long time. I grew up and I was always in the arts: theatre, band, and choir. I played piano, trumpet, saxophone… was always the lead in the play, and enjoyed creating. My degree is in music education, I taught music for 3 years before getting in to real estate. I think what it comes down to is I truly miss creating. I miss making things and being in the arts.

I have been watching Casey Neistat on youtube for probably a good three weeks to a month now. What he does is just so much fun to be a part of and a joy to watch. I thought that if I could create that kind of excitement around real estate, I might get in to it again. What I was really excited about was just creating video, telling a story. He talks about that so much in his vlog, that his goal each day is to create and tell a story.

I want to tell stories. I want to help others tell their stories. I want to create and provide people with a way to tell their story or remember it for years to come. That truly excites me, that gets me excited to try new things, learn what is possible, and push myself to become better than I was the day before.

So, I am starting to explore what I can do with video… how I can start building a business. If I have learned anything it is how to hustle, how to be a part of the thank you economy. I look forward to putting that to good use as I start to make this new adventure in to video production and becoming a film maker.

Speaking of which, it’s finally starting to warm up here — so I decided to take my camera along with me. Would love to hear what you think! It’s not a masterpiece, but it was fun to make and a great place to start. I thank Casey at the end because he does a lot of the same stuff with angles and walking by the camera in his videos… he also talks about creating is the first step, and he gave me the motivation and courage to do it. So thanks!

Also… I wanted to share the full video for Gary’s DailyVee #14. It’s a great video.