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What’s your excuse for not being everything you can?

I find it difficult to find a way to put in to words what I am feeling in this moment.

The title says you — and really I am talking to myself. There are people out there every day fighting for their lives against things like abuse, cancer, addiction, starvation, homelessness while I sit here in my house making up reasons that I shouldn’t make phone calls, answer my email, get out of bed, or do the dishes.

What kind of human being am I when I can sit here in my little shelter and close myself off from everything that is happening around me.

We all have an opportunity to create an impact in this world. We all have the opportunity to be a creator of change, of greatness, of service and love. People wake up every day not knowing where their next meal will come from. Sometimes I’d rather just watch the Walking Dead.

You know, I struggle sometimes when I write these things online. Who knows if someone will actually ever read this, but I question whether I am truly writing from my heart or if I am doing this because some day I want to be internet famous. I want someone to find this and pat me on the back and say “wow, look at how caring and smart you are.” In reality, sometimes you read something on your facebook feed and you just think… what kind of impact could I have on my family, community, state, world if I knew deep down that is the level I am meant to play at.

Even if I didn’t — is it really fair for me to sit here and play small, for me to play the victim and succumb to all my excuses when there are so many different parts of our world that are at risk.

Even stepping back from the world view and looking at our country, we are divided. I say it is frustrating that we are like this, it makes me want to just give up on the system we live under. When really, as I sit here now it breaks my heart that our leaders are more focused on making another look bad to win as opposed to waking up and thinking how can I be better than I was the day before to become the leader that can lead millions of others. Living in a world where some think that the only solution is to shoot others or themselves.. I mean.. c’mon… I cannot in my right mind wake up and think yup… we totally have this in the bag.

Sometimes I wake up and I don’t feel like doing what I am doing. Sometimes selling houses just feel pointless and frustrating to me. I have chosen sometimes to devalue myself and the profession that kept me from working and achieving more. I can honestly say right now that I may not know what it looks like, but the greater purpose that I am called for is bigger than selling houses. The way that I am going to get there is to sell houses so I can evolve, so that I can grow, so I can learn how to impact on one level and be prepared to do it on the next.

Every person that you walk by, every person that you share a train or bus ride with is a brother or sister in this world. We are all in this together. I cannot even connect this to what I believe in, and I know that every single person on this planet has some gift that they can bless others with. What is yours? Why aren’t you doing everything that you can to share it?

Don’t think you have something? No way, sir or madam. I do not buy it. I beg you to invest in yourself. Even if that is just reading a book, finding a mentor, heck you could spend hours on this site finding tons of great things that can change how you look at things. Find what touches your heart and never let it go. The world deserves to have your heart and passion, more importantly you deserve it as well.

Think you’re doing everything you can do? Uh-uh, try again. I do not even know you, internet person, and I see more in you. I can say that because of the change that I have experienced in so many other people in my life. People that have found passion, have taken themselves on and have found what it means to take their lives to a level unknown to them before. I know that it is possible because so many other people are doing it already. No, you may not be a Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, or Ronald Reagan (just so I have a fair mix of people) and I don’t think that anyone would complain if we had an army of those caliber of people walking the streets and impacting those around them! I know that I wouldn’t!

So what is it that your hearts calls you to do? Where do you want to affect change? Start on your path and remember that you might not create your dream and vision in a day. When I type that I am thinking — “I may not create my vision in a day.” I want it to happen tomorrow. I have wanted it that way for the past 5 years, and to a certain extent I still feel like I am waiting at the starting line because I want the finish line to be right in front of me. I am going to enjoy the journey, I am going to remind myself that this is just one more piece to the puzzle tot he greater mission of which I want to be a part.

Get out there and get excited. The world is waiting for us to make a change, let’s get going. What do you say?

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