4 reasons why reading at a young age is important

In order to be successful, a person must develop the skill of reading. If this skill is developed from an early age, it will be very useful to stimulate intellectual development in children. There are numerous benefits of reading through which a child can reduce stress, improve knowledge, expand vocabulary as well as improve focus. As such, I have divided the importance of reading into four main categories- Educational, Psychological, Health and Social

1)Educational reasons:

Reading can help children to achieve academic success and stimulate interest in learning in two main ways. Firstly, when children start reading at an early age, they get to know more about the world around them, improve their general knowledge and also expand their vocabulary. Research shows that five to six year old have a vocabulary of 2500–5000 words. Secondly, children become better competent researchers. They are able to extract the required information from books, websites and magazine and apply what they have learnt into real life applications. This ensures that children become not only lifelong readers but also lifelong learners which help them to achieve academic excellence in the future.

2) Psychological reasons:

Children who start reading at an early age have better connections with others as well as grow in self confidence. They have better imagination, creativity and problem solving skills. When a young child starts reading from a very young age, there is no psychological pressure to perform well and in fact it leads to the child performing better than the classmates because he/she has a head start in reading. If you compare this situation to a child who starts reading much later than the peers, the child feels more stressful as he/she is unable to cope up with the peers who started reading at a young age.

3) Health reasons:

Maryanne Wolf, the director of Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University said “Typically, when you read, you have more time to think.” Health reasons can be divided into two ways- mental health and physical health. For mental health, reading helps to improve your concentration, expand your memory and relieve your stress which leads to lesser health concerns. Reading also helps to improve a child’s mood according to the National Year of Reading, a program conducted in England. According to the study, 63% of the participants reported that they feel more relaxed when they read their favorite book. For physical health, reading makes you more physically active as well as broadens your imagination. It is much more effective than sitting in front of the television and eating bags of potato chips.

4) Social reasons:

By reading at a young age, children gain social awareness as they are more aware of their surroundings. In addition to that, they participate in competitions from an early age where they compete with their peers and win awards. This leads to better recognition by their teachers and friends. Finally, they help their peers who are not doing well which also leads to better friendship formed. Overall, if a young child starts reading, it leads to good social status among peers and the surroundings.

In conclusion, the educational, psychological, health and social reasons help to explain the importance of reading at a young age. Positive stimulation of the mind is a crucial ingredient at every stage of life and reading at an early age gives the edge over increasing memory, concentration, focus and alleviating stress. All in all, it helps to make life much more fun and enjoyable.

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