An Accidental Beginning. Nana’s Story.

Nana’s technology and the product itself was accidentally stumbled upon by its Co-Founder and Engineering Lead in March of 2014. They attended a design technology workshop at the National Design Center in Singapore where they were first introduced to the sensor mat technology. Before attending the workshop they said that “This technology seemed too good to be true”. So they went to get it tested, and it worked!

They were so impressed by this that they started brainstorming on how they could create something new and novel but also implement this existing technology to better people’s lives. After hours of brainstorming, they concluded how puzzled they were about how inefficient wearable technology (constant need to charge and needing to tell the app when you are awake or asleep manually) that has been a growing trend in our modern world. They came up with an idea that will revolutionize the way we see wearable technology for sleep ever again. For the first time we will be able to track our sleep patterns without wearables.

After establishing the idea, they positioned this idea with Mnhlabs’ vision. They wanted to create this product that is inline with giving the parents the opportunity to gain greater insights into their children’s lives like never before and also engaging their circle of caregivers to initiate closer bonds with each other. This is how we became to be and we want to bring Nana into parents lives from all over the world.

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