4 Factors Leading to The Failure of Your Mobile App

Sep 2 · 3 min read

You invest a ton of energy and money on building up a mobile application. What if it doesn’t perform well or fails after you submit it to an app store? All your time and money go futile. The quantity of mobile applications is increasing every day and so is the need for a trustworthy mobile app development company. We can’t state that this is the main explanation behind numerous mobile app failures. However, it is one of the top reasons why a mobile app fails.

Let’s take a look at some of the major factors that affect the success of a mobile app.

  • App Icon

When it comes to mobile app development and design, the app icon is the most important factor to grab a customer’s attention. The icon should be such that it informs the client about the application. Applications having a well-structured logo made history in terms of more downloads and ROI.

  • Application Marketing

Mobile app marketing plays an equally important role in the success of your app. The mobile app development for business isn’t sufficient to get more deals and income. The fate of the application relies upon the methods of advertising and the manner in which it gets the underlying promoting support. It is required to have a different budget for advertising, like putting resources into paid ads, separated from the structure and improvement cost of the application.

  • Application Size

No matter how beautiful your app is, unless it is of downloadable size, it will fail. Numerous business applications fail hopelessly due to their size despite the fact that they have valuable features and usefulness. To get a million downloads of your application, it is essential to concentrate on your app size and ensure that it can perform complex functions without intrusions.

  • Reviews

Disregarding the reviews can now and then lead to an antagonistic impact on your application. Businesses need to keep an eye on the reviews in light of the fact that the vast majority of the individuals initially see reviews while deciding whether to download an app. Make sure you make amends according to client feedback and reviews.


These are just some of the most significant details to consider while looking for mobile app development services for your business. As you have now seen the key ingredients for a successful mobile app, make sure you center around such factors while planning Android app development for your business.

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