Latest iOS App Development Trends To Follow

3 min readOct 18, 2022

As the popularity of iOS devices is growing, businesses are considering iOS mobile app development. The adaptable platform allows companies to add next-generation technology to mobile apps to boost utilization.

The world of iOS apps is constantly evolving. So, to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. You might need the expertise of an iOS app development company to implement the following trending technologies in your iOS app.

Latest iOS App Development Trends To Follow

Latest iOS App Development Trends 2022

1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

This functionality is becoming more popular in mobile app development since it allows apps to analyze user behavior and recommend products and services accordingly. Speech recognition technologies in next-generation iOS mobile applications can comprehend what the user says and transcribe it into text. AI is increasingly being used in a variety of iOS applications, including games, social networking apps, eCommerce apps, and others.

2. Augmented Reality

AR has grown in popularity in recent years and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. AR allows users to superimpose digital material in real-world environments, creating an extraordinarily immersive experience. Businesses can use AR in their iOS apps in a variety of ways. AR and VR are mostly employed in gaming and entertainment applications that combine the actual and digital worlds.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed database that makes transactions safe, transparent, and tamper-proof. This technology is expected to have a significant influence on a variety of industries, ranging from banking to supply chain management. Transactions will be more secure, and financial institutions today can leverage this technology for enhanced security. More and more companies are expected to use Blockchain technology in their iOS apps in the upcoming years.

4. Use of Chatbots

If you want to enhance user interaction over your iOS app, implement a chatbot feature in it. It is yet another distinct feature that employs Artificial Intelligence technology. It serves as the first point of contact between the mobile app and the user. A comprehensive chatbot function can also improve the overall customer experience. It functions as a personal assistant, quickly providing the information the user needs.

5. iBeacon

This Apple technology is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, it’s another iOS app development trend for 2022. Beacons are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to broadcast signals. iBeacon is far more precise than GPS and can be simply used in iOS applications. More and more businesses are adopting innovative technologies such as iBeacon. When potential consumers walk close, it sends them favorably targeted marketing notifications. It comprises customer-attracting features and offerings such as special deals, discounts, ads, alerts, and more. This technology appears to be bringing about a significant change in the way businesses engage with their iOS users in the near future.

How To Implement These Technologies in iOS Apps?

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