Collect Comics…. on the Blockchain!

Comic Art Man
Apr 9 · 1 min read

Comics are collectable right? So is Bitcoin! Don’t buy bitcoin… buy ARTWORK! Why buy bitcoin, when it just sits there and becomes more valuable, when you can buy artwork that brings you joy…. AND value!

The awesome thing about cryptocurrency and the blockchain is how it can help to create stable collecting value. It’s completely transparent, and adds immense value to the artwork. Times are changing, it’s time to invest not in Bitcoin… but SUPERRARE!

Check out Jake Johnson’s new stuff happening….. Get your collectables on, digitally on the blockchain! It’s a new rage. It’s collectible, it’s valuable, it’s fun, and don’t miss out.

Check out the info here:

Comic Art Man

Written by Writing about art, love, culture, politics from Shanghai China. The art world is changing. Let’s give power back to the artists.

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