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ReasonML has stolen my attention recently.

If I’m not at work or running about, I am probably digging into some ReasonML/OCaml repositories like an addict in the tenderloin.

Perhaps I like it for the unparalleled incremental build speed.

Perhaps I like it because its not too different from JavaScript yet it nets me a plethora of built-in advantages like type safety.

Perhaps I like it because of my affinity for math in school, and the functional paradigm gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

There are a few reasons, no pun intended, for my love of Reason. Just like a functional program wields function composition with immutable state to achieve its goal, Reason’s composition of the best of OCaml and JavaScript make it a strong candidate for the future of programming. …

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A Superb Pairing.

ReasonML, also known as JavaScript-flavored OCaml, offers nearly impenetrable type safety for developing user interfaces. By adopting a static type system, you can eliminate an entire class of errors before your app is served.

Update 4/11/19: ReasonReact 0.7.0 has introduced some updates to the base API (including hooks! 😍) so some of the code snippets below are a little outdated. I’ll update this soon so this post stays relevant.

We’re going to look into building a small web application that uses consumes a GraphQL endpoint using ReasonML. If you’d like to check out the finished example, here is the repo.


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“A fun and scary roller coaster with lots of twist in an amusement park in Fuji-Q Highland” by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Before I landed my first paying role as a software developer, I had to learn how to stay fired up about working in tech. After graduating, it took me 9 months to get my first solid job.

To survive in the joblessness, I delivered pizzas and did simple freelance projects.

I had friends who graduated at the same time as me, frolicking about in their cozy Google intern roles. I just wanted to work somewhere where I could put my skills to use.

Eventually, I was fortunate enough to get a pretty nice gig with BCG Digital Ventures as a full stack JavaScript developer. As a consulting firm, their job was to build a medical application for Boston Scientific called PainScale. …


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Software developer, runner, and surrealist. You can view my site at https://ianwilson.io — Be sure follow me on twitter @iwilsonq

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