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This article was inspired by Safi Bahcall book entitled “Loonshots”[1] — discussing how new, widely dismissed ideas can be nurtured by startups and brought to the industry.


The current covid19 crisis causes from one side extremely turbulent times for businesses but from the other side, it creates new opportunities for growth and accelerates new concepts. Adapting to changing customers’ needs and market realities can be utilized by agile organizations as an “Innovation Time”.

During the worldwide crisis, we are currently dealing with, when the company’s differentiating skills may become less competitive — the company needs to quickly develop and create new products and services. This means that the firm has to reinvent itself and be able to embrace innovation in its business strategy. …


Iwona Skowronek

CXO at NaviParking. PhD and Smart Growth advocate with a focus on emerging New Mobility Services enabling the transition to sustainable and low-carbon transport

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