Windows used to be the main media for the brand. The epicenter of its branding and creative expression. The cherry that brings attention and drives into your store. A monster that needed to be fed. A princess that needed attention. Peering through the windows was the door to its brand’s universe, the showcase of its secrets. It was everything.

Today, social media has changed the game. The energy and hype that Instagram has created is leading to an enormous transformation in the retail business. Brands have to adapt to embrace the promises of the digital era and to reach the digital natives. Communication methods and, in consequence, the retail strategy need to be adapted.

Accordingly, merchandising needs have evolved with these new rules and windows might not be the main focus anymore. And if they are, some adjustments must be undertaken to make your visual merchandising Instagram friendly. So, here are some Instagram ready retail tips:

1. Make a clear statement

Emphasize on one type of product and opportunity in order to target a specific audience. Be focused.

A bold move — Photo: @Vogue

A focused move — Photo: @Manifesting Paradise

2. Be unique

Millennials, the social media generation, want to be surprised as they like uniqueness and creative personalized approaches. By keeping your unique and signature style, you keep on renewing your propositions. The question raises, how? Share your ways of wearing the product, by using opportunities to wear. For example, take “evening”as a start for your story telling. Create iconic looks and thrive additional appeal. Again, stay focused.

3. Play with perspective

Instagram friendly windows, more than ever, need to be thought and designed to translate into a post that is shared by many people. Merchandisers are acting as the invisible hand, that subliminally influences the consumer. Therefore visual principles such as “Renaissance perspective rules” and the “golden ratio“ will help to create an aesthetic and infinite environment in a small frame.

Entertain visually — Photo: @Retail Design Blog

New spot to look for — Photo: @Vogue

4. Develop Tricks to engage

If you want to create an Instagram-ready subject‚ and constantly raise interest, you need to have different angles and keep the pace. Specific interior design elements will act as a visual prompt in-store and on the street, providing a shareable call-to-action for consumer.


Photo: @WGSN

COS, created a pop-up Instagram friendly store designed in form of cut-out silhouettes where clients were able to stand in and get a photo clicked.

The Podolyan store in Kiev, is also creatively designed, which allowed consumers to take the picture from the grid window that featured changing products.