Three (and a half) problems that shall be solved in year 2015

Did you notice the harvest of “my year summary” kind of blog posts was quite poor this year? It might be that the Facebook’s “Year in Review” initiative has fulfilled the summary urge of the humanity.

I still have my year summary slot available. And I’ll use it with a spin: l won’t talk about what happened, and I won’t talk about what gonna happen, I’ll have it with a what an “almost happened” flavour.

Content discovery and content delivery

We should see both sides of content problem solved next year, just like Facebook once has been the ultimate content delivery platform, and the Apple AppStore has been the ultimate content discovery platform. We’ll see something new next year, that works along the fresh reality of content oversaturation.

The reinvented content delivery might appear based on old mechanics, yet unbundled and done right (think Medium or Instagram). Or it might bring in new mechanics like or Snapchat.

Steam store had a year of content discovery challenges, and offered some crowdsource-based solutions. Yet it is Humble Bundle approach that I personally like. And I am curious of what kind of revolution Apple massages onto the AppStore in February and June.

Content consumption

The iPad once was the content consumption disruptor that invented new models and use cases. Then nothing fresh happened, so now it is time. We’ll see, whether it gonna be TV based, i.e. you need only a display, since all your content is on the cloud and your phone is an input device. Or the wearables/phone sensors trend results in use cases that actually work. I am not betting on watches or goggles, but a small light device on your body might appear even more personal than your phone, and might bring new models in. Think of a next gen sport band for example.

On the other end of consumption, I kinda love the way Amazon disrupts content business by offering its ecosystem-bound devices almost free and pushing content providers to offer free content.

Global disruption

Disrupt and unbundle. Or maybe vice versa? We heard much of these in 2014: Apple SIM is to disrupt the way we know the world of cellular roaming, Uber and Airbnb disrupted taxi and hotels business models.

Today high yield traditional industries (telecom, financial, transportation, food) are highly regulated and hard to enter unless you unbundle and disrupt just as Uber did. My wild guess is that all those governments and megacorps will fail to come up with new regulations soon enough, so the always connected generation is to enjoy cheaper service of better quality. Until it gets banned due to union strikes, at least.

Even aviation, the impossible to enter and insanely regulated industry got its disruptor. A Silicon Valley startup called Surf Air bought a bunch of single-engine seven-passenger aircrafts and signed with smaller airports located around the hot spots of business travel in California. Result: subscription based service and air taxi experience.

We can only guess what gonna be disrupted and unbundled in year 2015. But I love where we’re going.

Age of innovators

I am employing the epilogue space to notice just one more thing: the age of innovators is decreasing. Younger people are able to see what experienced industry experts cannot. And then manage to deliver on their vision (with the financial support, obviously).

This all inspires me to look forward into year 2015 with excitement and optimism. Feel free to join me, and have a nice holidays =]

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