Adaptability: Are you an egg, potato or coffee?

Adaptability: Are you an egg, potato or coffee?

I couldn’t hold my joy when I checked my email and found out that I made it to week 2 of the Andela bootcamp. It has been a really tough joourney that tests one’s strength and adaptability skill.

Some people after Andela’s bootcamp become stronger, others weaker, and others become sweeter and stronger. For the past week, I will say I have become stronger and sweeter (smiles).

It was a silent moment for me when a fellow bootcamper, whom I was interviewed same day with told me on the last day of the first week of bootcamp that if Andela invites him for the second week, that he is not coming. I was really downhearted hearing that. This guy has stayed long in programming and even has some works in his portfolio. Within me, I had two questions running in my mind.

First is, if this guy, who have stayed long in the programming world should quit because he feels that the stress and challenges at the bootcamp at Andela is much, Will I really cope? The next question, which I termed a positive thought was if I should quit now, will I be able to overcome future challenges and adapt to changes in any working environment I find myself in? This made me take up the challenge. As it has always been, any new day at the bootcamp comes with a new knowledge.

Andela has really boiled me from a soft egg, who solves basic python problems, to a strong egg that knows what sequelize is, what Postgres is, what babel and eslint are, and most importantly, what express and node are. There are many more new things to learn.

While others allowed the exciting challenges to boil them from a strong potato to a soft potato, it’s really evident that they have something to put in their knowledge box, either in the soft skill aspect or coding aspect.

Team integration has always been my building block. Asking questions, helping others, seeking and giving feedback has really contributed towards my learning. I have also met several amazing guys like Kayode, Lanre, and Kingsley, whom I have exchanged ideas with in one way or the other. I am really excited about the next thing I am going to learn: Heroku.

If you can’t adapt to the challenges you will face in your bootcamp at Andela, I doubt how well someone will adapt to challenges in any other organization.

My regards go to Andela for making me stronger.