My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

My second and third day at the bootcamp has been really amazing. It feels good when you learn new things, test the new thing you learned, and see them working and solving real world problems. I was highly elated to use OOP(Object oriented programming ) to solve a real world problem. Let me tell the story.

Just as it is in real life, where kids will have some inherited characters from their parents, and also have their own characters, it also happens in javascript OOP. The es6 has made using OOP more user-friendly with its class, super and constructor keywords.What did I solve? I created a social network class which Facebook inherits from. Why did I choose it? That is where inheritance comes in. Facebook is a social network site. To use any social network website, you must have an account and be able to login to your account. So my Facebook class inherited the login and signup methods from my social class.

So what are the things done on Facebook? You can add a new post, or delete a post. If I was to also create a twitter class, it would have also had some methods like tweet, retweet, follow and unfollow. Same goes for different social networks. I created those methods inside my Facebook class. Now when a user calls a signup method, supplying his username, full name, and password, the account will be created, displaying the account details on the console. What if he wants to login.? Calling the login method will do that. This is possible because I have already passed my arguments to the constructor. Passing a password less than 8 characters in length will deny you access, just as it is in real life.

Doesn’t that solve a real world problem? It was an awesome experience for me. It was also exciting to see many bright minds, creating several OOP classes that solve different problems. Some created geometry classes, others created animal classes, others did bank classes. All these solve real world cases.

It is vividly seen that every member of this bootcamp has learned a lot already. The passion to learn more is still there. Andela has made it possible with the internet and power they gave.

Before I round up, I want to add a response I got from a friend whom I asked for feedback.

Andela experience in action.

It was funny and also exciting that someone realized i now have a new skill:seek feadback. New day new experience.