My Experience So Far In Bootcamp

The first day at the bootcamp was nicely started by a wonderful introduction from Philip Newman and Victoria Offorma. A lot of soft skills were discussed, ranging from seeking feedback, having a growth mindset, giving feedback, and how each of these contributes positively to the growth of an individual in a team. I was served a nicely prepared polished rice. The aquatic representatives inside the rice were so big that I couldn’t find where to put my spoon to eat the rice.

The attitudes every Andelan should have were also discussed. They are excellence, passion, integrity, and collaboration. All these attitudes are required by each Andelan, which I have seen in less than 24hrs of my stay. I see the integrity aspect to be very vital. This is what shows how you will react when you are given larger tasks. If you are asked, did you do this? and you know you did it, better say the truth than lying or giving excuses to justify your actions.

I was so happy to learn test driven development(TDD), which is a procedure whereby you first write out your test results, run the code(which you should definitely get an error because you have not written your code), start writing your codes, and test them as you go along. It was an exciting moment when I installed mocha and chai, tested my code, and it passed all the tests. It was challenging for me to set it up though. I was glad I finally did it. The price? I left Andela’s EPIC tower by 9 pm and learned a new skill. It was actually hard for me to make it home, as my first journey to Lagos from Imo state was when I received an invitation for the interview. I later got home around 10:20 pm.

Programming logic was one of the many nice topics discussed. As funny as it maybe, which I have realized within my stay here, no matter the language you are writing on, its logic is the same, but with different syntax. For example, no matter the language you are writing on, there are variables, data types, conditional operators, booleans, arithmetic operators, etc. Having this in mind is helping me to cope with my new found love, javascript.

I have made several new friends here. We have exchanged ideas together as well. They are helping me cope with javascript, I am also sharing my git knowledge with them. None of them have allowed challenges or obstacles to stop them from moving forward. This has been an inspiration to me as I also have my own challenges and obstacles.

This bootcamp is not only programming based. The soft skills I have learned can keep me going anywhere. I hope to learn more as I go on as every new day has its own new things for me to learn.

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