Meet the Master Cats of The Lounge!

IX. Labs
5 min readJun 24, 2022


— The place where the classiest of degenerates call home.

Life 1 — Dark Havok Illustrations

A NFT collection of 9,000 Cats sporting cool furs, nine lives, and one mission: HODL🍸! Inspired by the Nine Lives Lounge — and their victory over the Cool Cats Master Challenge — these diamond-handed cats have proven themselves worthy, and are now ready to kick back, relax, and live up the rest of their Lives.

Litter Size and Adoption Process

  • 9,000 NFTs: 3,000 Pet Store - 2,100 NLL - 3,000 Shelter - 900 Reserved
  • FREE to Adopt (+gas)
  • 2 Ways to mint — Visit the Pet Store and choose your Master Cat, or visit the Shelter and rescue at random.
  • The Pet Store (paid access, free mint): Opens August 30th
  • The Shelter (free access, free mint): Following the close of the Pet Store

All Cats Have Nine Lives!

Unlike any pfp project before it, each Master Cat NFT will consist of 9 different images, in 9 different art styles, by 9 different artists. A truly groundbreaking experience, this collection will give you multiple pfps and fully-functional metaverse avatars in one.

1 art style = 1 Life

At first, 8 of the images will be placeholders that will evolve throughout phase 1 as holders nominate artists and vote on potential styles.

Once each Life is lived (or released), you’ll get to choose the Master Cat art style to match your mood and the platform you’re using it on. You’ll also, receive the IPFS link to each style, as well as commercial rights to use your Cat as you wish.

There are over 250+ traits within the Master Cats collection, so the possibilities will truly be incredible!

“No panic in The Lounge🍸. What’s one bear to nine lives?”

A Unique Mint Experience

9 different Master Cats and you choose your favorite!

The Pet Store

Unlike typical mints, where you click mint and wait for the reveal, IX. Labs has created a one-of-a-kind experience where you are shown 9 randomly selected options from the 9000 available.

In part 1 of the Master Cats mint, you’ll be able to adopt your favorite Cat to take home with you immediately!

Get Your Pet Store Voucher

Access to the Pet Store is for Mint Pass and Mint Voucher holders only. If you are a NLL member, your 30/30 Badge NFT is your mint pass to the Pet Store. Everyone else wishing to find their purrfect companion will need to purchase a IX. Labs Alpha or Beta Mint Voucher.

IX. Labs Mint Voucher — Alpha Voucher

  • 1st access to the Pet Store for optimal choice
  • One free mint per voucher at the Pet Store
  • 900 for sale
  • 0.03 ETH — 5 per wallet
  • Burned on redemption

IX. Labs Mint Voucher — Beta Voucher

  • 2nd in Pet Store
  • One free mint per voucher at the Pet Store
  • 2100 for sale
  • 0.025 ETH — 10 per wallet
  • Burned on redemption

IX. Labs Mint Pass — 30/30 Badge

“Access to the pet store will be granted in 24hr intervals and will close after four days.”

IX. Labs Mint Vouchers

Inside the Pet Store

Once Pet Store attendants have verified your Mint Voucher or 30/30 Badge — showing you’ll be able to provide a good home for a Master Cat — they’ll present you 9 options of a possible Cat for you to adopt.

You’re going to have a long, happy life together, so choose wisely and be mindful of others. Much like a real pet store other may be shown the same Cats as you…so don’t hesitate!

After you’ve chosen the best fit, hit the mint button, and approve the contract to have him delivered to your wallet. Everyone will pay gas to adopt, but 30/30 Badge Holders will keep their commemorative badge, while mint vouchers will burn.

Remember: We’re derived from the Cool Cats of Top Shot, we completed 5 months of challenges to enter the Nine Lives Lounge, and we’re just as diamond-handed with our Master Cats as we are with our Cool Cats…so choose well!

No Pass or Voucher? No Problem!

There will be a maximum of 5,100 Master Cats adopted from the Pet Store for up to 4 days. After that window and the Pet Store closes, everyone can head over to the Shelter to rescue a Cat needing adopting.

The Shelter

Part 2 of the Master Cats mint will take place in the Shelter. 3000 Master Cats will be reserved to the public for free rescue.

Any Master Cats not claimed during the week of the Pet Store will also be sent to the Shelter to be rescued-at-random on a FCFS basis.

Once you arrive in the Shelter, you’ll connect your Ethereum wallet and mint your furever fren!

The public reveal of all Master Cats will take place no later than 72 hours after the Shelter mint.

The Lounge 🍸 is Home to True Ballers

The final aspect of the Master Cats collection are the Cats being held back.

Will every Master Cat be minted at launch? No!

1 of 1s

There are 9 total 1/1 Master Cat creations that are unavailable during the mint. These will only be offered in a special community charity auction at a later date. Until the auctions have been announced, the identity of this League of Nine will remain hidden.

Their serials are #1-#9. Watch for them!

Verified Ballers

Along with the 1 of 1s, 30 Master Cats have been reserved for Professional Athletes and/or Sport Franchise Owners. These cats are for they who ball on and off the court.

They are numbered from serial #10-#39, and each will be a custom-made 1/1 for the first 30 professional athletes and/or franchise owners to join the NLL on NBA Top Shot and collect all 30 Cool Cat Moment™ NFTs.

These will be made to order as a Verified Baller joins the NLL, shows proof of Cool Cat set ownership, and requests a Master Cat.

Tyrese Haliburton, Harrison Barnes, and Kevin Durant!

- Where you at?

We are degens with class!

To everyone else…the Master Cats eagerly await your arrival. In the meantime, kick your feet up, relax, and remember…if you want to ride the bull, you have to master the bear first. You must to HODL!

#JoinTheHODL🍸 #AllCatsHaveNineLives #HODLaMelo #NLL