OpenOakland brandmark—a donut shape ‘O’ constructed of concentric dots

Redesigning the visual identity of a
community-led, civic innovation organization

OpenOakland is a nonprofit civic innovation organization that brings together coders, designers, data geeks, journalists, and city staff to collaborate on solutions to improve the lives of Oaklanders. We are part of Code for America’s Brigade program and hold frequent events for community, local government and tech folks to work together.

The Background

OpenOakland has been around for about three years now. I began attending the weekly ‘hack nights’ about a year and a half ago, working with other volunteers to update parts of the Open Budget Oakland website. …

Bootstrap 3 is an incredibly useful framework — used by many — but lacking an important breakpoint in a region where it’s arguably, most needed.

Bootstrap 3 released with four breakpoint regions: large (lg), for larger screens and everything north of 1200px, medium (md), for targeting widths 992px and up, small (sm) for tablet sized devices or screens, 768px and above, and then extra small (xs) as the catch all default. …

Jeff French

Designer. Asks lots of questions. Wants better.

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