Apple is a phenomenon. It’s not really about computers.

It’s about building community and easily facilitating communication. Beautiful functional tools enabling human being to get in touch and stay in touch more easily and more effectively than ever before.

Apple is so far ahead of every other company because of their incredible DCOsystem. Their Digital Ecosystem. Hardware, software, cloud computing and the finest after sales service all make up a near perfect DCOsystem which serving customers better than any other company on the planet.

Our documents, photos, movies, emails and text messages are all expressions of ourselves. Yes, we are human but our digitability has become an indispensable addition to and extension of our humanity. And Apple has taken the time to carefully and intentionally construct the Dcosystem to serve us alongside our natural Ecosystems, even as it compliments and sometimes even improves upon them.

Steve Jobs was roundly criticized for instituting the “walled garden” approach to consumer electronics. He was in fact creating the first true Dcosystem. Of course now all of their competitors are scrambling to create Dcosystems of their own.

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