Stewardship. Interesting concept. Huge responsibility.

Lately I am better understanding this uncomfortable but also liberating truth that at the end of the day, we are never owners of anything but always only ever stewards. Of time, resources, opportunities and people. And ultimately, of our own lives. Of course we fully get that we take nothing material with us when we leave this world, so the question arises of what DO we “take” with us? The answer is relationships.

When those we have known and shared affection and love with think or speak of us, that memory or feeling keeps us connected — it is the true fruit of wise and meaningful stewardship.

So this begs the question of us all: how are we doing with our personal stewardship? Can you live with the truth that you own nothing but are entrusted to look after people — beginning with yourself — and resources in such a way that there is increased fruit? And that the measure of that fruit is only properly known once your stewarding days are passed?

Healthy and fruitful stewardship takes wise, intentional, persistent work. Invest wisely, reap bountifully. Forever.

Originally published at on March 11, 2013.

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