UnlokU is a whole new way of looking at ourselves and our world. It is in fact a radical philosophy of Uniqueness based on Psalm 139 in the Bible. If you can grasp it, you will be forever changed. There are four elements to being Unlokd: find, free, form, flow.


DISCOVER: to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out. Gain sight or knowledge of something previously unseen

We marvel at the significant discoveries made over the centuries, from new chemicals to new continents. Every discovery brings with it previously unknown possibilities and unrealized potential. Gunpowder, penicillin, gold. These all changed our world, for better or for worse. But the most important discovery to make is what lies inside you and me and every other human being.

Making any discovery requires effort and persistence, and more often than not the discovery is worth the cost paid. Some discoveries offer significant reward in that they change everything around them. The important point is to appreciate that to make an impact, one must be searching. Discovering. And in so doing, one then sees. And seeing leads to understanding, which leads to unloking. Is it in your heart to explore, to search, to desire to find out who you are and what you were created to do? If so, you are well on your way to being unlokd.


RELEASE: to be free from confinement, bondage; allow to be known, or exhibited

The very idea of unlocking causes us to imagine something shut being opened. The intention is to access what lies behind what was locked: a door, cupboard or container. The desire to know what lies behind or inside the locked object, or the need to access what is inside the locked container drives us to turn the key and get to what we are looking for. In so many important ways, we all are containers and carriers of necessary gifts, talents, experiences and character needed by those around us to help and bless them. UnlokU is motivated by a deep desire to provide the keys which can help unlok you and me to be that blessing, and to accomplish this goal, we first must be freed — unlokd.

One of life’s most difficult but most rewarding journey’s is to come to a place where we truly can become who we were created to be. Too often, people do not make this a priority for themselves and consequently live operating with limited Potential Release. I believe it takes an intentional effort to understand who you are and who you are not, and once having come to that place of revelation, there is a freedom to function within the parameters of your true self and potential. After discovering who you are supposed to be and what you are made to do, the next step is to facilitate your Liberation to Purpose — to be Unlokd.


SHAPE: to give definite form, shape, organization, or character to; fashion or form

We humans are good at shaping our world. From homes to cars to food — we love to create, make, build, adjust and form things. However, when it comes to building and shaping ourselves, we often do not spend a similar amount of energy and time on that. It stands to reason that the better “made” and formed we are, the more able we will be to better shape and form the world around us.

As we well know, it is standard practice for us to shape our children from the moment they come into this world. Typically, we live with the idea that a newborn is like a blank canvas on which we as parents, teachers and influencers “paint” what we believe is best for them. In a very real way, we form them to take the shape we desire. UnlokU turns this whole idea on its head and gives a radically different approach to shaping and forming lives. What if we as parents, teachers and influencers rather saw a newborn as a PreMade package that contained within it all that it required to fulfill it’s God created and given purpose and destiny? What if our approach was to serve this new life by immediately seeking to discover and free what is already inside this heart, soul, brain and body? What if we designed our parenting and educational approaches around Unloking, understanding, releasing and developing to full measure what is already there?

This is my belief — that you already have within you what is required of you to fulfill your life’s purpose and destiny, thereby serving and impacting those you love and the world around you at the same time. This is why UnlokU exists. My philosophy, processes and practices aim to help form or reform you to your correct shape, for meaningful impact.


IMPRINT: to impress, a quality, character, distinguishing mark

We have all heard the phrase, “Make your mark”. It’s a good saying and a noble pursuit. I believe it’s of immeasurable importance. That every human being has a place on this earth, is vitally necessary for the good of all, and is fully unique in their essence and expression. That we all must in fact imprint this world with our unique mark, our LifePrint.

Each one of us has a LifeFlow: we all contribute to our world, continually, whether we are aware of it or not. I often say that everything we do teaches something to someone. If it is true that you and I matter on this planet, then we must discover, release, and shape ourselves to generously share who we are and what do with all those who come across our path, or we theirs. The Flow of your Life carries with it unique and specific purpose, destiny and responsibility. As you are Unlokd and that which you carry is released, the world will be impacted for the Good.