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IX Wallet
IX Wallet
Aug 27 · 3 min read

IX Wallet is an innovative cryptocurrency wallet. What makes this product stand out among competitors is it’s main idea. IX Wallet strives to reinvent traditional savings by using modern technological solutions. Creating a distinctive passive income stream has never been so easy, and now it’s officially gone mobile!

IX Wallet mobile application is a major milestone in our development. Being a product-focused company, IX Team is strongly concerned about the importance of this release. The application is the key to Wallet’s further expansion, extending access to financial services to a broader demographic.

IX Wallet iOS app is currently on the way to be featured in the AppStore. While awaiting approval from Apple, we decided to give users the ability to participate in the beta test via Firebase.(Click)

Installation Guide Link

After the IX Wallet app is downloaded, you can easily access your account and enjoy a fully-packed experience without distractions. We’ve spent a great amount of development time to ensure that IX Wallet app provides a stress-free crypto management process.

One of the important aspects was to successfully transfer functionality and preserve the original feel of IX Wallet. Sleek user interface embodies the quality design choices and gives you an easy-to-use and available on the go crypto wallet. Transferring funds while commuting to work, withdrawing right at the shop or just checking your balance is now easier than ever!

IX Wallet iOS is an extension upon our built system, thus our duty is to seal and secure them tightly. Application contains all security features available with web version, but also brings additional platform-specific security measures. Custom 2FA settings, behavioral verification and email notifications are combined with biometric scanning in our new complex of scam preventing measures. Overall, our system is fully compliant with CCSS Level 2 and was audited by Crypto Currency Security Commitee, which makes IX Wallet the most secure mobile wallet for cryptocurrency.

Ability to earn profits is reassured by our arbitrage software. IX Trading Robot keeps operating 24/7 and provides your income no matter what, up to 22.5% monthly! And now it’s even more convenient to track performance. Start a deposit and watch your IXT balance grow each day.

We’ve released the app, but we won’t leave it to become stale. In future updates, there’s a lot more features to be expected, such as:

  • Extended Crypto Currency Support (USDT, Litecoin in the first updates; more to be added afterwards)
  • Withdrawal to Visa/MasterCard
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