Of Course Millennials Love Bernie Sanders. They’re Born Socialists.
Joe Kessler

Thanks Kessker,

For this insightful piece about Millennials and their attraction to Bernie. Each sentence and paragraph of this blog resonates with the Boomer I am. Indeed, I remember saying to my 22-year old son that he could achieve whatever he puts his mind into. Your analysis feels like you’re speaking for the irreducible idealist in me whose staunch to Bernie Sanders stems from the very reasons your piece has articulated so poignantly. Emotion welled up in my soul as I highlighted the passage describing “the evil nature of those who enrich themselves at the expense of others without making a meaningful contribution to the greater good.” That phrase describes accurately the most depressing fact I have witnessed in the United States during the past four decades; that is, since the birth of my Millennial daughter. Your piece definitely fuels the glimmer of hope for real change, the kind that would lead to a future we can believe in. I’m getting ready to share it on my Facebook page. Thanks again for this “City on the Hill” — millennials and the Bern.