Dark Accusations 1692

Some people are born into wealthy families while others are born with compassion that extends beyond what is natural. Richard Williams was one of the first- a child born into a wealthy family from Boston. His attitude was arrogant, narcissistic but also very spiritual. Born in the famous town of Boston to an upperclass household, Richard held himself with high regard. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for others with a similar familial situation to flaunt their talents and become excessively absorbed in all things pertaining to their own benefit. Upon his coming of age, Richard was to be married to one of the other women in the community who was widely known for her wealth but not for anything other. Of course the marriage was strained for neither Richard nor his first wife, Mary were very pleased with the arrangement. It wasn’t too long after their unhappy marriage that Mary passed away and Richard turned to other women for comfort and support when his own family didn’t have the time. It wasn’t until Helen came along that Richard fell in love for the first time.


The night before Richard was going to propose, Helen left in the dead of the night. Richard was deeply saddened by her departure and acted like something of a lovesick fool around his peers. A year later, just as his grieving heart found acceptance, Helen came back. This time however, there was no time for warm embraces or loving words. This time, there was a child. A baby no more than three months old was held in Helen’s arms. The child was wide awake for when the moon was up, so was she. The baby cried at first, the sight of her true father perplexing and unfamiliar. When Helen offered the child to her husband, he was shocked and blatantly refused. It took several minutes before Helen could coax him into holding the child and when he did, Helen retreated into the darkness never to be seen again.

Richard refused to believe the child was real. When the morning came around, Richard was awoken by the sound of crying, the child who was barely three months cried for food. It was then that Richard knew that the child was no dream, that she was real. Around town, people began to talk. Why would he take a child in the middle of the night, a child that was not his to begin with — or so they believed. With his wife being long gone and the job of caring for a child a feminine role, how was he to care for her. Quietly, Richard packed his bags, took one serving woman to care for the child before setting off for the small town of Salem. Along the way, he named the girl Theresa while not yet loving her completely.

In his new town, Richard pretended the child’s mother died in childbirth several months previous. Over the course of several short months, he became a man of power within society, respected but also viewed as arrogant. He became a member of the counsel around the time Theresa turned three. It was in that year that Richard truly met Elizabeth, a woman born to both a good and loyal family as well as a kind and compassionate soul. She worked alongside her mother and sisters on their home farm. Elizabeth, a kind woman found the goodness in Richard and he in her, it wasn’t long before he asked for her hand in marriage to which she said yes.

At three years old, Theresa didn’t know what marriage was nor did she understand that Elizabeth was going to come live with them. However when she did at last meet the woman, she found herself meeting a kind woman who was ever so gentle though she preferred Gertrude much more, having been raised by the woman longer. After all it had been Gertrude who had explained various things like how she’d moved since she was a child, and of course why she could or could not do certain things. Last but not least, Gertrude had also told her stories of the past.

Once Theresa’s father and the woman, Elizabeth were married they began to pay closer attention to Theresa herself. Her father didn’t seem to care too much while Elizabeth smothered her with affection. Despite the love, Theresa grew up to be resentful towards Elizabeth. She didn’t need a second mother. Of course her issues weren’t displayed publicly but behind the closed door of their home, the hostility was incredibly evident especially after Theresa’s half sister was born. As Theresa aged, she began to do work around the house. It was her job to fetch water, make the candles, the food among other things.

By the age of ten, Theresa learned how to do other house chores such as make meals, and sew clothes among other things. The girl learned that she enjoyed to make things, sew clothes, mend old ones. Things carried on normally as the days continued, the town of Salem was peaceful and quiet, the way the rest of the Puritans liked it. The only sign of incongruity within was the normal resonance of the less fortunate and frowned upon people.

In the winter of 1692, when Theresa was fourteen years old, she and several other girls- a distant cousin and others came and gathered in the forest. The girls discovered forbidden things like dancing, singing and of course what others would consider to be unacceptable. For about a year the group of girls continued their night time dances and parties with simple childish games. It was one night that two of the girls from their group went ‘crazy’. The cause of course was unknown, but the girls soon realized that their own meetings were to come to an end.

Not long after several declared the incidents as witchcraft, Theresa began to look around. Witches within the society? Horrid. She too lifted a finger at several of the many frowned upon women and men and whispered, “Witch.”

to be continued….

please note that I wrote this several years ago and published it on Shadowplay previously.