Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

I appreciate your passion for the subject. What happened is alarming but I don’t think that blaming democrats for their support or who they did or didn’t vote for is the point. I do agree that people voted based on their fear of the other candidate to some extent, but we have to ask ourselves what we could have done better. The two parties are ridiculously polarized and neither will admit when the other has a good idea, whatever the costs apparently the other party is wrong. What was to fear should Hillary/Trump become president? Overall there is a lack of middle ground that no one is willing to step on. I’m not saying that the media did not influence the polls nor do I disagree that people who chose the candidate who wouldn’t change the status quo. I’m saying that there’s an insane gap between the existing political powers and it’s bridging that gap that will benefit us, not blaming other democrats and not blaming republican supporters.

Not all democrats will agree with Hillary, not all Trump supporters will agree with Trump’s behavior or actions. Who did anybody vote for? It doesn’t matter because they excercised their right to vote but several million people who were eligible to vote, didn’t. The divide within America is real and it shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s not scramble to get as many people to “our side”, but, let us create the space for discourse and inquiry into various beliefs and ideals. Only through this can we begin to mend this tear within our society. The road is long and the seam may tear, but we owe it to ourselves to try.