Day 12: What I Would Be Doing If Facebook Wasn’t Invented.

YouTube. Duh.

Facebook is the reason of all my procrastinations. I would be so thankful if it didn’t became popular.

First thing first, I would probably try to learn a different language. French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. I always find language very fascinating. French sound so sophisticated. Spanish sounds hilarious and the best when having an argument because it just sounds as if you’re just shouting for the sake of it. Italian makes you want to fall in love. Japanese is cute and adorable and just the best thing ever. Korean sounds so smooth and innocent, I love it.

Second, I would be learning how to cook. Have I mentioned that I love to eat? I want to learn how to cook everything and also bake because I love cookies! The only factor that I hate is the stove, I am afraid I might get burned. >_<

Third, I would probably reading. Although, I am already doing that, I want to read more. I have so many books on my waiting reading list, I want to read them all right now!

Lastly, I would be sharpening my skill in drawing and painting. I love arts. I love to paint and draw and color and a little bit of sculpting. I love the idea of creating something out of nothing. I like how it feels when the first drop of paint is brushed on a blank canvas. I like how the colors blend. I like how the paper smells. I like the look of disheveled hair and paint all over my arms and face. I love all of that.

Look just how much I could be doing if Facebook wasn’t invented. I would be the most productive person in my family, ever! But you know, it all goes down to self control. You can avoid Facebook if you want to but then again, our hands have our own minds and betray us. When you’re about to tap the calculator app, it suddenly goes to the Facebook icon.

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