Day 13: My Favorite Childhood Toy

I don’t like to play toys when I was a kid. I like to read!

The toys I had when I was a kid were barbie dolls and what I do is I chew off their feet. I’m weird.

I did have a toy before, it was a baby doll. It was the creepy kind that closes its eyes when you lay it down and make noises when you push a part of their body.

I loved that toy! I’ve always liked the idea of taking care of a kid or really, anyone for that matter. It kid of gives me a feeling of purpose and I like it.

I was serious when I mention that I didn’t play with toys when I was kid. I was a pretty weird kid. My mom even said that when I was a kid, I don’t stutter or babble or turn my r’s to l’s or my s’s to t’s. I actually hate that I don’t play with toys because it always leave me wondering ‘What the heck do I do on my spare time when I was a kid?’

We don’t have neighbors so I have no one to play with. My brother has his own thing going on, going pew pew! and woosh woosh! My little sister wan’t born yet. My dad’s busy with work and my mother does household chores.

That’s pretty much it.

I can’t believe I have nothing else to write! I usually connect it with something to make it longer but I have absolutely nothing!

Oh well.

Cuppo Keyki ❤

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