Day 15: Valuable Lessons From This Blog

That if there’s a will, there’s a way. Any my will is cupcakes and my way is cramming. Joooooke hahaha.

I have learned a couple of things with this one. I just don’t know if they’re valuable…

Time. I can finish one blog within 1 hour if I’m fired up and inspired and motivated to. In the end, I wrote 10 blogs within 4 hours. Can you spell lazy and procrastinate? M-E. I learned that it’s bad to do that. I am never ever going to do it again but I probably would because I’m weird.

Honesty. I have told a lot of things. Things that I don’t even tell anyone. I swear I didn’t make up any of them even if I deny it. It actually made me feel lighter, like a weight was rid off my shoulders.

Carefree. Kung ano ano pinagsasabi ko sa mga blogs ko. Nakakalurki. Huwag sana mabasa ng mga taong ayaw kong makabasa. Yikes.

Creativity. Like a painting, you can create art with words. Be able to convince people or make them feel things. Maybe to even tell a story and create an impression.

Lastly, perseverance. If you have your mind on something, you can do it. Nothing’s going to stop you. Nothing is going to stop me from getting those three cupcakes! I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Did I made you think I was doing this all for the cupcakes? Well, you 90% right.

The remaining 10 % is really just me wanting to write. I love to write, writing is fun. You get to tell whatever goes in your mind with a second thought. Not like speaking. You can’t just pause in the middle of the conversation to think if what you’re going to say is the best thing to say.

Well, this would be my last blog but who knows, maybe there would be more.

Adios, you’ll read me when you read me. Mwah.

Cuppo Keyki ❤