Day 5: Bill Gates’ Bathroom by Yours Truly ;)

I finally put images on my blogs :D Woot Woot!

I really don’t know where this idea came from. I’m just cruising with it. I don’t know, it is kind of intriguing though .. designing Bill Gates’ bathroom. Odd .. but intriguing.

I love The Sims franchise. It’s fun, kind of addicting, you get to live a life totally different from yours, and it’s just plain awesome. I have been messing around with The Sims 4 for a while now and when this topic came along, I just had to go for it.

Bill Gates ala Sims

I also made Bill Gates into a Sim! Please tell me it looks him. I really worked hard on his features. (Not really cause the presets were already on point. Pretty much took me 5 minutes to mold his face and 15 to pick out his outfits. xD)

I have absolutely no idea how I was going to design Bill Gates’ bathroom. I mean, what does a billionare would want his bathroom to look like? I don’t know much about Mr. Gates, most especially his bathroom preferences!

But after some really intense research, scanning through thousands of bathroom designs books, strolling around AllHome by the bathroom displays, and just really being on my phone and Googling, I have come up of a design that is just not that good because I have no talent in bathroom design whatsoever.

Source: Google Images,

Sooo, moving on… Here is my design for Bill Gates’ Bathroom!

Alright, the first thing you would see when you enter the bathroom is this part and it’s not even the whole thing!

It is just incredibly spacious, like I could fit my whole house in there, living room and all. I don’t know why I made it like that, I just thought that ‘Hey, he’s a billionare and everything. Maybe he’d like his bathroom big.’ but I don’t know I’m probably just high or something.

Alright, so this part first.

1. The Shower Room

The double doors at the left side is the shower room and not for purposes not suitable for young children if you know what I mean. I can’t get inside the shower room because the camera mode won’t let me get a good shot plus it’s really just an empty room because they don’t have separate showers in The Sims 4. I do have a picture of how I envisioned it.


Something as glorious as that is what I’m talking about! Isn’t that just cool? It’s like taking a shower under the rain only it won’t make you sick with the flu. I bet after a shower under that, you’ll be feeling like a new person when you get out. All that water pouring down on you, it probably also washed your soul.

2. The Sink and Toilet Area

You got your sink (duh), a mirror, a towel rack, and countertops to place stuff. That little circle thing near the ceiling? I believe that is a clock because who wouldn’t lose track of time in a bathroom like this? I guess that would be Bill Gates.

Here is the toilet area. Beside that is a toilet paper roll because it is very critical that every bathroom has one. The nearby cabinets are full of those so you wouldn’t have to yell out to someone to get a fresh new roll of toilet paper.

3. The Bathtub Area

This is the bathtub area and I find it completely ridiculous that I placed curtains there. Beyond that silliness though is a great view of the ocean which I forgot to take a picture of, I am so sorry.

4. The Waiting Area … apparently.

I think it’s a waiting area but it’s not really. It just look like it because of the chair. It’s really the area where one would stack their other supply of lotions, towels, soap, and whatnot. The laundry basket is there too; I also placed a small trash can.

5. A Walk-in Closet

It’s not really a part of the bathroom interior but I though I’d just put in.

This is a small walk-in closet. That’s it.

Unfortunately, I have only realized that I didn’t put lights inside. No wonder why I kept asking ‘Why are all my shots too dark?’

Aaaaaaaaand that’s how I would design Bill Gates bathroom if I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to do so. :)

Cuppo Keyki. ❤

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