Day 6: The Most Beautiful Photograph I Have Taken

I really don’t do photography. All I have are screenshots of my classmates’ perfectly timed photographed funny faces. I don’t know if they fit in the ‘Beautiful’ category though…

I would put my picture but I’m afraid the screen might crack so I’d rather not, and besides that is a sea of my friends’ comments, completely against it.

This, I believe, is the most beautiful picture I have ever taken.

It is a picture of my ukulele, fresh from the box, and still smells like it has gone through a lot of things before it got to me.

I love my ukulele. I have been wanting this for a very long time. I have been always fascinated by it. Imagine how can a small instrument make such a beautiful sound? The guitar is big, the piano is big, the cello is big, the violin is not big but that is not my point. The ukulele gives a sound that will make you smile.

It gives a sound that gives such a good feeling. A sound that makes everything happy, like as if nothing will go wrong. It made me appreciate music more. It made me appreciate life through how other people see it through song. It made life seem like a song.

I love to sing as well and being accompanied by the ukulele makes it more worthwhile. I don’t mind singing the same song over and over again. I don’t mind having to practice a single song all day. Just as long as I can hear it, I’m happy.

I took a picture of something that makes me happy, that makes me feel like I’m someone, like I’m not just another pawn on a chessboard. I took a picture of something that made me feel alive.

And for me, there is nothing more beautiful than that. :)

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