Day 8: The Award That Got Away

Can’t it be the one who got away? Because I have a story for that.

I don’t do contests. I don’t do much.

It’s because I’m not that smart or good enough to be part of anything. I’m not part of our journalism club back in high school. I’m not good at sports, I think my figure speaks for itself. I’m don’t qualify for any kind of quiz bee … oh wait no, there is one.

Have I ever mentioned that I like the English subject? And I’m not saying this to kiss ass. (I apologize for the term) I genuinely do love the english subject. I love the english language and it really keeps me intrigued because it is oh so complicated. I love english literature, I love english movies, I love the language. With that, I have the love for Spelling Bees.

There was a time where we were invited to Our Lady Of Fatima University to compete in a Spelling Bee. I believe we won 5th place in the Private School Category. I enjoy the thrill and just the joy of having to spell words without even knowing what they mean or how you even use them.


I do, I do enjoy such things.

BUT it is not the award that got away from me because that competition was that, the students from the public schools were monsters. There was no way to beat them. That is why I have such high respects for them.

The award that got away from me was in high school. It was english month and there was a spelling bee.

I was the highest in the elimination round. When it came to the actual quiz bee, I was lost in my own little messed up world. I can’t hear the words right, I spelled them all wrong! Except for the ones from easy rounds because they were … easy.

And do you know the worst part? I know all the freaking words!

I know how to spell them all! I know what they mean and I know what they’re for and I have heard them and spelled them so many times I have lost count and yet I can’t spell on the actual quiz bee. I feel like the worst person ever. I felt so horrible.

I know all the dang words and I can’t get one right. What was wrong with me? I know I’m not all right in the head but still. I hated it, I hated myself.

That’s why, right now, I am waiting for a spelling bee in my school. Hoping to avenge my forsaken spelling bee loser self.

It’s an award that got away because I know I have it, I know I got the spelling bee hands down and yet I messed up. I still get irritated at myself everytime I remember it. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Oh … just … darn me.

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