Day 9: A World Without Me

A world without me would probably be just the same. There will still be global warming and Pokemon Go will still be all over my newsfeed.

I don’t know. A world without me would probably be still the same only I’m not there. If the world would mean the whole of Earth then it means nothing but if it is my world, the world where I live with my friends and family, the world I call Antipolo City? Then that’s another story.

This could go two ways, depressing and even more depressing.

So, let’s start with depressing.

I guess a world without me, everything would still be the same as now. Same as now where nobody cares. Nobody cares if I’m here or not. Nobody would care that I am gone. No one will look for me. No one will want me anywhere. No one would seek for me. No one would want a world with me. Or at least that’s the voice in my head tells me.

Aaaaaaand even more depressing.

If I was conscious about this, if I knew them and yet they didn’t know me, I think that would be the worst possible thing ever. All I can do is watch them, not knowing me, not knowing that they have someone here that also cares for them, that also misses them, that also wants to hug them, get near them, make memories with them, and so much more.

I don’t care about what they think. All I care is about what I think and I think that I will miss them and I will want them. I will think about them. What makes it really depressing is the fact that I know this, I know them. I know all of them but they don’t know me. It’s like living as a ghost. It’s like being Jack Frost. You know all of them but they don’t know you.

A world without me would be depressing but a world without me knowing they existed is possibly the hellish thing ever.

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