Perhaps nothing says “America” like dusty cattle rustlers out on the range. So it may seem strange that San Francisco brand studio, Iyashi (Ee-ya-she), is using a cowboy to sell authentic Japanese ramen.

But this isn’t your father’s cowboy… this cowboy is Japanese.

“We wanted to use the classic trope of a cowboy and give it a Japanese twist to reinforce Ramen Hero’s mission to make authentic, “Honkaku“ Japanese ramen accessible to every noodle-loving American”, explains Takashi Kusui, Iyashi founder. …

“Real people having real fun with real ramen.”

That’s the feeling Iyashi’s founder, Takashi Kusui, wanted to convey with the latest work for authentic, make-at-home ramen brand, Ramen Hero. “We really wanted realism with a more modern graphic and color that describes the core value of product”, Kusui adds. After auditioning top food photographers from across the country, Iyashi Brand Studio chose acclaimed Bay Area photographer, Maren Caruso to shoot.

Unless you’ve been living under a culinary rock, Japanese terms like “Umami” and “Wagyu“ are already part of foodie lexicon. Now San Francisco branding studio, Iyashi, wants to add another Japanese term to the cultural conversation: “Honkaku”.

Iyashi Brand Studio

Iyashi (Ee-ya-she) is a brand studio from San Francisco. We build brands people love. —

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