Hope, joyfulness

in being who you are

Breathe in from the deepest deep

and up to the highest high

Breathe in the sweet scent

of the lily of the valley

Focus your intent on the holy and pure

Be at one and at peace

with all there is

Float, float amonst the drifting clouds

Be at one with all that is

Fly, fly past the hills and mountains

Soar up with wings like eagles

Tip right up into the highest blue depths

spin and twirl

dance and sing

Breathe in so deeply and fully

that crystalline air,

so pure and strong

Let its strengths and purity pour into you and

travel down through your body,

crystal clear purity

a stream of clear pureness

flowing and tumbling

down through every part of your body

picking up all impurities

and swishing them along

until completely washed


then soar again

higher and higher,

breathe again,

breathe oh so deeply

inhale into the very

heart depths of you,

the heart, the core

now let the warm

wonderful sun warm you, glow on you

let its warmth surround

and penetrate your

clean being,

thoroughly purified

and now warmed and

dried in the glow, gentle glow of the

orange sun

Be at peace

Let all imbue

you with that sense of

peace, completeness,

fullness, relaxedness,

warmth, wholesomeness,

wholeness, beauty,

peace, over all things

peace, let the

perfect peace fill you so

utterly and completely

and breathe like

the perfectly peaceful

slumbering child

you are.

Breathe deeply

like a sleeping child

and BE FREE.

green i o