Lift your eyes to the sky

Be on fire

Delight in the bush

Be free like the fire

flames flicker and weave

upward, ever upward


draw down in hope

bring the past to bear on the future

be in the NOW

beautiful people

stride out

be strident

tip the balance

weigh the scales

just in time

just BE IN time

Abundant do’s

daring delights

strong songs

BE beautiful

beatific beauty and wonder

Beyond the call

Wander the way through the valley to the hidden cave in the rock

Be peaceful and calm

Be beauty

See beauty in ALL you behold

Delight in delight

Delight in being delightful

All is well, all is good

Have no fear

All is in time

All is perfect

Arise and be

Wallow and be strong

Twist, turn, revolve, spin

in the deep water

Fully free in all your movements

Spinning, turning






Beloved ones forever

Delight in who you are and who you have become.

green i o

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